TARAY (Eysenhardtia Polystachya)  from $2.20 oz USD

TARAY (Eysenhardtia Polystachya) from $2.20 oz USD

$142.00 - $603.50
The bark is used as tea. How do you identify Taray and where is it grown? The sea cedar is an evergreen shrub that does not grow more than 15 meters in height. These trees tend to grow together in clumps and form thickets. Commonly used as a diuretic to support kidney health. Also thought to help hair grow. It is known that Taray has been used since ancient times to reduce kidney inflammation, calm colic, to eradicate viruses and bacteria.
Ingredients: Taray barks
MOQ: 4 pounds
Packing: 16 oz Kraft bag
Origin: Mexico
How to prepare: 1 tbsp for every 6oz of Boiling Water
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